When you should hire a Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyer

A good employer will take the time to do everything in their power to prevent work injuries. Employers in California are required to run an Injury and Illness Prevention Program. This is to educate workers about possible dangers, and keep them safe. Unfortunately, work injuries still happen, and that is what Workers’ Compensation exists for. Getting compensation for a work injury is not an easy process. Whether it’s actual complications with the process itself, or by challenges from the employers themselves, you may struggle to get the benefits you need. There are many reasons why you should hire a Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyer, and they are not always obvious.

A Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyer can help with paperwork!

This might sound obvious, but anyone who has gone through the process of filing a workers’ compensation claim will understand. There are deadlines to meet when filing a claim. You have records to keep, and receipts to save. Taking notes whenever you discuss your claim with lawyers, managers, or other employees is highly encouraged. Having good attention to detail makes for a successful claim.

Receiving benefits depends heavily on your ability to submit all your paperwork on time. Consulting a Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyer is a good first step in making sure you get your paperwork in order. Additionally, you can also contact the State Bar of California to find local applicants’ attorneys. These attorneys are focused entirely on the workers’ compensation process, from paperwork, deadlines, and can represent you in hearings before a workers’ compensation judge.

What if you are denied workers’ compensation?

You can do everything right, file the paperwork on time, present your case with all evidence available. Despite all this, you may still be denied compensation on a completely legal basis.

This does not mean you are completely out of luck! If you haven’t hired a Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyer by this point, now is the perfect time to do so. Losing out on these benefits over a technicality means you may be stuck paying off expensive bills. And then there’s the money lost from being out of work while you recover from your injury!

What if you are fired after a work injury?

Getting hurt on the job isn’t always under anyone’s control. Accidents happen!

Some employers try to intimidate workers. For example, a new employee might be told that reporting an injury any time during their ‘probationary period’ will result in termination. This can be enough to convince a worker to not report an injury if it’s ‘not that bad’. In a workplace where the fear of termination for getting injured exists, an inexperienced worker can be easily taken advantage of.

Other employers have fired employees after an injury. They pre-emptively claim that the injury was the result of recklessness on the part of the victim. This is how some employers try to head-off workers’ compensation claims. It also serves as another way to intimidate other workers.

No matter how they phrase it, it is illegal in the state of California to fire an employee for a job injury. It is also illegal to fire an employee requesting workers’ compensation benefits. If they feel their injuries are work related, they have the legal right to request benefits. Contact a Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyer immediately if you feel you have been fired for your work injury, or because you asked for benefits.

Additional Concerns

Dangerous conditions in the workplace

Some workplace environments have hazards that are simply part of the job. Education and employee conduct are important in preventing accidents. Other workplace hazards, however, are things that can and should be controlled. When they aren’t, and someone gets hurt, workers’ compensation is there to assist workers. However, a hearing may determine that you still do not qualify for benefits.

If you are denied benefits in a hearing, and workplace conditions led to your injury, get a Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyer right away.

Medical assistance after a workplace accident

California law states that all work-related injuries can receive immediate medical assistance. It must be paid for by your employers, whether the injury forces time off work or not. Get legal assistance if this assistance is denied for any reason, or if you are being forced to pay.

What if I want to sue my employer?

In most cases, you cannot. However, by consulting a Sacramento workers’ compensation lawyer, they will go over the facts of your case. If it is possible to sue the employer, or the individuals responsible for your injury, they will explain it to you.