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  • Andrew Schach

    Schach graduated from University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg with a Bachelor of Science degree in Aviation Management. He earned his Ma

  • Andrew S. Mendlin

    Andrew has been a trial lawyer since 1996 and has appeared in several trials and courts throughout California. Before he became a lawyer, he worked as an insurance claims adjuster. As a result of this experience, he knows how to negotiate with insurance company professionals but also understands that a case sometimes requires a jury trial. He works with his clients so that they get just compensation.

  • Ralph S. Curtis

    Ralph Curtis handles a variety of accident cases and assists clients that has suffered all types of injuries - from train accidents, plane crashes, car accidents, truck accidents, and boat accidents. He has represented clients who have suffered injuries to just about every part of their bodies, including brain injuries and neck and back injuries.

  • Joseph P. Hougnon

    Prior to becoming a Defense Attorney, I worked for the Office of the Attorney General, State of California and the Sacramento County Public Defender’s Office. I graduated from Lincoln Law School of Sacramento with the best academic record in my class in 1996. I won three awards in law school including Best Oral Argument, Best Trial Advocacy Team, and an Excellence in Academic Achievement.