Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the question we often read or hear from visitors and potential clients here on Sacramento Lawyer!

Can I get free legal representation from a lawyer or law firm in court?

Depending on the attorney or law firm, and the type of case it is, yes you can. Some law firms offer their services for no pay unless you win a settlement in court. They will then take a negotiated portion of the settlement, usually agreed upon before the case goes to court.

What is the best time to contact Sacramento Lawyer for the details about my case?

With the website, any time is fine! It is highly encouraged to use the site to begin any discussions with a Sacramento attorney. We will respond as soon as possible!

What if I need a particular type of lawyer for my case?

Check our All Specialties page! Lawyers who are listed on Sacramento Lawyer are categorized in the areas of practice they focus on.

When should I call a lawyer after a serious injury accident?

As soon as you are able, but medical attention and recovery from your injuries takes precedence! To make things easy, you can set up a consultation through the Sacramento Lawyer website. There’s no need to drive to an office for an in-person meeting with email and phone conferences.

How can I set up a listing for my practice?

Set up a site account with Sacramento Lawyer by visiting the Add Listing page. From there, we can begin the screening process. Once that is complete, we’ll add you to the lists of lawyers of law firms we have on the site, organized by your area of expertise.

How are reviews screened on your site?

All reviews are linked to the respective firm’s Facebook page. Reviews are hosted off-site via Facebook and are in no way moderated by